Eileen Anglin Voice Actor/Actor

Eileen Anglin
Actor/Voice Actor


Client Reviews

Sometimes you hit on something and you say “that’s it.” And there’s something about her voice. Something special.
— Linda T
It was a pleasure working with Eileen! She can looks at any line and she has multiple ways of realistically acting that line in different ways. I was absolutely floored at the versatility and talent and skill she had with each of the acting lines. I would literally send her a script and she could act out that script in so many nuances and emotions tied to that line, which in my opinion, is an indication of tremendous skill. She knows how to read the script, she knows how to act the script and she knows how to do it in so many different ways. I would absolutely recommend her for any project and she’s flat-out amazing.
— Dracomies, Fallout:New Vegas Brave New World
Eileen is passionate, has great back-and-fourth communication, and is also very talented. She provided her voice talents for Carol and Donna in my The Walking Dead motion comic series, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
— -Olle.H The Walking Dead Comic

Eileen was awesome to work with! She states that she enjoys bringing her characters to life and well, what-do-you-know, she brought that character to life! She does voice-work for a living, so she knew how to communicate and deliver her lines on time. Very professional.
Thank you Eileen.
— James C. Star Wars Comics
Eileen was simply perfect for a very important role I needed. You can tell that she really enjoys what she does, since it shines through her performances. I highly recommend her!
— Oracus0 Elder Scrolls