Eileen Anglin

Voice Acting

I am a professional voice actor with a background in theater and film. I have enjoyed roles when a strong and powerful hero is needed, or a soothing, warm and compassionate empathetic female voice and everything in between.

If you need someone who can emote emotions, I’m your girl.

In video games, radio drama, commercials and more, I have enjoyed a range of roles from villain, hero, vampire, queen, police officer, military to mother.

I look forward to working with directors to bring the vision of the character and the project to life. That is always my goal.

Voice Description

Cadence: Susan Sarandon/Cate Blanchett/Kathleen Turner/Gwendoline Christie

Accents, Impersonations, Characters and Dialects

Irish, country, southern, English, New York, English noble/queen, Western/country, robot/AI

Villain/spy, soldier, hero, villain, spy, sexy, warm, deep, compassionate, strong, soothing, regal, authoritative, expressive.


Video Games

 Commercials

 Promos

 IVR, voicemail, phone systems, and on-hold messages

 Training, business presentations, sales, and web sites

 Documentaries

 TV shows and movies

 Movie and game trailers

 Podcasts

 Cartoon/Animation

Voice and Style

Warm, deep, east coast, soothing, strong, sexy, compassionate, regal, authoritative, powerful

Cadence: Susan Sarandon/Cate Blanchett/Kathleen Turner/Gwendoline Christie

Accents: Irish, country, southern, English, New York

Gender and age

 Young Adult Female

 Middle Age Female

 Senior Female

Additional vocal abilities

I am skilled at creating relaxing, soothing meditative audio. I have been a VO for online meditations as well as CD's, MP3's and Videos for years.

Radio promos. I had my own radio show for several years.

Skilled at emoting strong feelings from grief to anger.

Skilled at emoting strong feelings from grief to anger.

English noble/queen, Western/country, robot/AI, villain/spy, soldier, hero, regal



Jeffrey Driesbach

Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England

Jim Baffico

TVI Studios, New York, New York

Lisa Biggs

Larry Hudson



Equitek E100S

Audient ID14 Interface


Record Pro

home studio

Digital delivery, MP3 Wav

My Recording and Delivery Capabilities

 I will go to any designated studio in my area

 I can record and then deliver the audio files via Email

 I can record and then upload the audio files via FTP


Barnegat Township, NJ, USA


Five Nations

Webellion Ltd

Void Interactive


Delta Development Team

Viva Becker Productions

Lunar Shuriken


SkycasT Studio

Skyrim:Summerset Isle

Star Wars Comic Films


Patronic27 Productions

ArcticWolves Studio

Batman Comics


Fallout: The Great Escape

Star Wars Comics

Fallout 4: Conqueror

Sims Settlements

Bison-Yeti Studio

The Walking Dead Motion Comic




It was a pleasure working with Eileen! She can looks at any line and she has multiple ways of realistically acting that line in different ways. I was absolutely floored at the versatility and talent and skill she had with each of the acting lines. I would literally send her a script and she could act out that script in so many nuances and emotions tied to that line, which in my opinion, is an indication of tremendous skill. She knows how to read the script, she knows how to act the script and she knows how to do it in so many different ways. I would absolutely recommend her for any project and she's flat-out amazing. Dracomies, Fallout New Vegas

Eileen Anglin is one of the most talented women I've ever had the pleasure of working alongside. I mean, just listen to her demo's. You want a powerful voice? She can do it. Sultry? Yep. Sexy? Of course. She just has that consistency and range that sets her apart, and I can't recommend her enough. Adam Bennett

I can't express how happy I am... Eileen has an amazing voice plus her expression when reading lines are on point. I can't wait until I can cast her again. Bluebell Wolf Studios

Sometimes you hit on something and you say “that’s it!” And there’s something about her voice. Something special. " Linda T.

Eileen was awesome to work with! She states that she enjoys bringing her characters to life and well, what-do-you-know, she brought that character to life! She does voice-work for a living, so she knew how to communicate and deliver her lines on time. Very professional. Thank you Eileen, James C.

Eileen was simply perfect for a very important role I needed. You can tell that she really enjoys what she does, since it shines through her performances. I highly recommend her! Oracus

Eileen Anglin provided her voice for Senator Mon Mothma in my Star Wars The Path to Destruction series. When got here audition, I was really surprised and excited. Why? Because suddenly there was an voice actor that for me sounded like an real actor from the original movies. She really got the nature of the character and made her feel like her template from the movies. To work with her was really professional and I got everything I needed from here in no time. For everyone, who is reading this, I can ensure you that here you got a really talented voice actor.Thank you really much again!

Eileen is passionate, has great back-and-forth communication, and is also very talented. She provided her voice talents for Carol and Donna in my The Walking Dead motion comic series, and I couldn't be happier with the result. I look forward to working with her again in the future.-Olle.H


Prices are negotiable depending on the job and the scope of work on my end. Contact me to discuss.

Global Voice Academy has a good guide of the industry standard rates.

Re-Do's and Revisions

If a change needs to be made thats not a problem. A client's feedback and feeling I have nailed the character is incredibly important to me. I will offer 1-3 free revisions to lines depending on the scope and budget of the project. Revisions/changes over the agreed upon amount will be an extra charge.


Meditation Teacher


Life coach for creatives



Native Plant and Pollinator Gardening


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I started acting in my teens and have had a love affair with all aspects of film making since early childhood. From costumes to crew. A to Z.

Science Fiction and fantasy have been a touchstone in my life. I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars. I always say that if I could be in a Star Trek, I'd fulfill my dream. I saw The Empire Strikes Back as a kid and knew I had to be a part of the magic of film.

I have been a VO for meditation CD's, MP3's and Videos for years. I have done radio promos. I even had my own radio show for a few years. I discussed world events, activism and loved to interview interesting people. My passion for these things on social media led to being a special guest at NASA in October, 2016. to cover the Antares rocket launch. It was a dream fulfilled and a highlight of my life.

I'm a Life Coach For Creatives

I work with actors, writers and artists to break through the blocks, self doubt and self sabotage of what is holding you back from living your dreams and shining your light. Contact me to schedule a call.

I'm a Gamer

My acting background is in theater and film but my love of PC gaming made me want to explore the world of voice over acting full time. I would love to help game developers create games that bring enjoyment to me and millions of people. I love to bring the characters to life