Shine Your Light!

Life Coaching For the Creative Soul

You have a creative soul.

I truly believe you were not given the skills and talent and your dreams without being able to achieve them.

I also believe the creative souls are the ones who change the world.

The world needs what you have to give.

I don’t teach you acting skills, or auditioning skills.

I work with you on WHY you aren’t auditioning.

WHY you aren’t taking the class.

Why you don’t believe in yourself.

And then we work together to create tools to move past your self sabotage and live the life you were meant to live.

I am a certified life coach for actors, writers, artists, musicians and anyone with a creative soul and I have been coaching for over 20 years.

This 12 Week program will uncover the ways you sabotage your success and create tools to break through fear and self doubt.

Working with the concepts of my mentor and teacher, Debbie Ford and her groundbreaking work: The Shadow Process.

Dismantle the old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns that keep you stuck.

When you need help in moving past self doubt, excuses, fear of success, fear of being seen and not feeling good enough to live the life you were born to live.

12 one hour sessions every week to help you move past fear and not feeling good enough to live the life you were born to live.

Shine your light, because the world needs it.

12- 60 minute calls by phone. $1,500

I’m upfront about my rate. Some coaches will never put the price on their site. They want to get you on the phone to convince you to spend this kind of money. I won’t do that. You are either ready to invest in your life or your not. Three months of coaching is investing in your future. It’s the same amount as that vacation that is over in a week. It’s the same amount of your daily latte. The awareness that coaching brings lasts a lifetime.

Payment via PayPal. Installment plans available.

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