I started acting in my teens and have had a love affair with all aspects of film making since early childhood. From costumes to crew. A to Z.

Science Fiction and fantasy have been a touchstone in my life. I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars. I always say that if I could be in a Star Trek, I'd fulfill my dream. I saw The Empire Strikes Back as a kid and knew I had to be a part of the magic of film.

I have been a VO for meditation CD's, MP3's and Videos for years. I have done radio promos. I even had my own radio show for a few years. I discussed world events, activism and loved to interview interesting people. My passion for these things on social media led to being a special guest at NASA in October, 2016. to cover the Antares rocket launch. It was a dream fulfilled and a highlight of my life.

I'm a Life Coach For Creatives

I work with actors, writers and artists to break through the blocks, self doubt and self sabotage of what is holding you back from living your dreams and shining your light. Contact me to schedule a call.

I'm a Gamer

My acting background is in theater and film but my love of PC gaming made me want to explore the world of voice over acting full time. I would love to help game developers create games that bring enjoyment to me and millions of people. I love to bring the characters to life